Willing to deepen myself in a new way of information visualization and the theatrical storytelling as a platform for communicating information I engaged myself in a project “Assemblage d’une Rue” within a Tok Toc Knock festival – an initiative of the Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg (alias ‘Het Brusselse stadstheater’ – The Royal Flemish Theatre). This is a city-wide project, in which 17 performing artists have been working “in and with” the city of Brussels. The project assumed a huge explorative work on the urban space, the historical backgrounds, the profiles of inhabitants, their cultures and socio-political situation. Examples of work, illustrating a potential of information visualization are:

– Jozef Wouters: “All Problems Can Never Be Solved” 

& “Zoological Institute for Recently Extinct Species”

– Annelies Van Hullebusch “Brussel in Kaart”, & “Kaarten /Cartes”

– Thomas Bellinck: “Domo De Europa Historio en Ekzilo”

– Mohamed Quachen “Kronik Comic” 

– Vpro, Naar / d’Apres / after Geert Mak: “In Europa”

Editorial Design about Modeliwijk:

– Emelie Vandewalle “The Gide through the Model district”

– Bára Šafránková “Cité Modèle Dictionary”

These examples convinced me to put one step further and to undertake the venture of visualizing the informative content of the play “Assemblage d’une rue”, one of the performances within the 3rd part of Tok Toc Knock festival. It is a sort of historical enactment of the events that are taking or have taken place on Tweekerkenstraat in Sint-Joost-ten-Node. The play will be performed in the atelier of Simon Allemeersch located at the very street, which is crossing the border between Sint-Joost and European Quarter, having a peculiar meaning for understanding the diversity and contrasts existing inside Brussels.

Blog of the project “Assemblage d’une rue”

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